“Salinas Coffee Roasters …it’s not just a drink, it’s an experience!”

Our goal is simple: to achieve the highest quality taste that leaves your senses begging for more.

No longer does the coffee lover have to endure the harsh taste of burnt, bitter or over roasted beans. When enjoying a brew, one deserves a flavor that can be enjoyed effortlessly and always tantalizing.


Salinas Coffee Roasters emerged from their love and desire of great tasting coffee.

The Salinas' family began their journey as long time coffee lovers who after years of brewing ordinary and often times burnt coffee beans, began to roast the finest coffee beans that they could find to appeal to their own tastes.

The Salinas’ family journey to coffee enlightenment led to the discovery of some of the world's most full bodied, rich and flavorful beans. Roasting these beans in an effort to make the most of their potential became both an obsession and a passion. The family was determined to find, roast and brew coffee that awakened all of their senses. Originally it was the intent of the family to produce fine coffees for themselves, family and good friends. Friends shared with other friends who in turn have done the same. The request for Salinas family roasted coffees grew and continues to grow.

The Salinas family has developed a number of special blends including a sought after City, Midnight and Espresso blends. 

The Salinas family now owns and operates a small family run roasting company based out of Southern California. Salinas Coffee Roasters ships to various parts of the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and Russia, bringing the taste and enjoyment of gourmet coffee to a whole new level!