“Salinas Coffee Roasters …it’s not just a drink, it’s an experience!”


Green Beans

Interested in experiencing the pride of home roasting? Your first ingredients are mouth-watering green beans! Costa Rica, Guatemala SHB, Columbian Supremo (Regular and Decaf), Sumatra, Kenya AA and Espresso green beans are available for shipping.

Prices are as follows for Costa Rica, Guatemala SHB, Columbian Supremo, and Sumatra green beans.
1 lb. 4.99
2 lb. 8.99
5 lb. 21.99
10 lb. 41.99
20 lb. 81.99

Kenya AA green beans
1 lb. 5.74
2 lb. 10.99
5 lb. 24.99
10 lb. 46.99
20 lb. 80.99


Norma - Arcadia, CA
“I only consider myself a snob about one thing and that is my coffee. Salinas’ coffee beans are absolutely fantastic. You cannot get a richer, more delicious cup of coffee.”

Murphy - Philadelphia, PA
"Excellent quality, service and price. What more could I ask from a coffee supplier who delivers all three? I started with the Salinas coffee stand in California and currently have Salinas Coffees shipped to Philadelphia. It's a win - win situation."

Donna - Burbank, CA

“Delicious rich taste and aroma comes with this gourmet coffee. With the highest quality of coffee beans it is always fresh and tasty. Salinas Coffee Roasters is such a pleasure to deal with, THANKS SALINAS COFFEE! What more could we want!”

Bianca - Garden Grove, CA
“The beans are so fresh you can smell them when the mail man delivers them. Not only are they the best roasted beans, the service is wonderful!”

Karen - Portland, OR
“We live in the North West where there are coffee shops on every corner, yet we always want Salinas’ coffee. The flavors are unique, fresh and never taste burned. Definitely a knack for roasting that brings out the best flavors of the coffee!”

Carmen - Arcadia, CA
"The flavor of Salinas coffee is one of the best I've tasted. The roasting technique that Mr. Salinas uses makes for a very satisfying cup of coffee."